White Armature Works,Inc..... a dynamic electric motor repair facility serving the  "southern coal fields" of West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland & Tennessee since 1952.

White Armature Works  has been in business long enough to know what it takes to do the job right the first time.  We take pride in our workforce of over seventy high quality craftsman, many of which have been a part of the White Armature family for 35 years or more.  We not only have the personnel but also the tools to insure that every rebuilt motor that leaves our facility is a top quality product that matches or exceeds O E M specifications.  Offering new and rebuilt motors ranging from fractional horsepower up to and including 1750 horsepower.

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304 583 9681 or 800 725 3411
304 583 2972
Physical Address:
1150 Huff Creek Hwy, Mallory, WV 25634
Mailing Address:
P O Box 330, Mallory, West Virginia 25634
General Information:
Customer Support:
Purchasing: lbowen@whitearm.com
Accounts Receivable and Billing: jw3dc@suddenlink.com

Human Resources: pobrien@whitearm.com